PathAway GPS

PathAway GPS for Palm OS

GPS navigation and mapping software for Palm

PathAway GPS 4 is designed to meet the next level of power and usability on the latest Pocket PC and Palm OS mobile devices.

PathAway GPS 4 sports new features such as Track up navigation, improved Bluetooth communications, Satellite Sky View and Compass View screens, Picture and Audio waypoints, new map calibration options, measure distance between 2 two points, plus many more.

If you get out and go places, PathAway is the companion to take with you. PathAway is the all-purpose tool for GPS.

Key features of PathAway include:

  • GPS navigation with most GPS devices (including Bluetooth)
  • Import your own maps using PathAway map manager
  • Intelligent moving map display
  • Map projections, UTM, OSGB, and Datum support
  • Add personal points of interest/waypoints
  • Record and follow your tracks
  • Point to point routing
  • Navigation warnings and alarms
  • Onscreen trip statistics on a customizable dashboard
  • Palm OS and Windows Mobile versions
  • Transfer data to and from Garmin and Magellan GPS Devices

All-purpose GPS program in the palm of your hand.

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PathAway GPS


PathAway GPS 4.00.89

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